The Abortion Article that Got Me Banned from Reddit

Eric Testifies about Abortion and What he has Received about it

I will never forget the image in my mind. A small living human fetus, a head with eyespots and little limbs, the head and limbs moving as it struggled to live in the bloody hand of an abortion worker. This human fetus was doomed to die. It was successfully removed from its mother's womb. What I saw was the murder of a helpless and hopeless human being. My friends, do not take comfort by the false notion that this fetus goes to heaven. It does not. Do not attempt to hold God to a higher standard than you allow yourself to sink into. If you are unwilling that this child enter into your family, why should God be willing that it enter His?

I tell you truthfully, unless a child is baptized by correctly practicing Catholic parents, no child that dies can go to heaven. There is simply no means to remove the condemnation of Original Sin except by a valid baptism in which the baptized, or the parents in the case of small children, have correctly assented to all the baptismal promises. Therefore, regarding that struggling fetus from the successful abortion, there was no way to save it, even if it were baptized. Why not? It is because the parents were cut off from God. And the Catholic who has an abortion is automatically excommunicated. And no one holy may save the child of cut off parents unless these holy people assume legal custody of the child.

Now, why does God have it that innocent life is not saved when it dies, but only if it has been validly baptized? It is because salvation is not a human right, but a reward for those humans who live out their life doing His will. No one goes to heaven because they never personally sinned. And a baby that dies can only go to heaven if its parents are on that heavenly path and had him baptized before death. In the cases where the parents are unfaithful, the baptisms of their children remain valid, but without the effect of saving them should they die. And this is because no one can fool God. No one can get into heaven without doing the will of God. In order for that child to be saved, when he reaches the age of reason, he must repent his sins and faithfully assent to all the baptismal promises that his parents failed to assent to.

And to assent to your baptismal promises means that you truly mean them. Not that you merely speak them. My brother had three babies born to him. The middle one died. Did I ever hold my brother's babies? No, I never held them, for my brother viewed my hands to be dirty. Therefore, none of them ever received a blessing from me. And the fact is that I have never held a baby, and all likelihood is that I never will. And why is that, you ask? Well why would I be found hanging around mothers with babies? Such is not where I am called to be. Instead, I am called to rule all the nations with an iron scepter and to shatter them like pottery (Revelation 2:26-27), And all babies that die outside the grace from a valid baptism go to a place in hell where they are not punished for actual sins, but it is a part of everlasting hell nevertheless.

And since every unborn baby that dies goes straight to hell, those who stand up for the right to abort are the most hated people in the eyes of God. And let's look at an example of two recent Presidents that stood for this holocaust of murder: Presidents William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Both of these men are horrific murderers of the unborn. Both of them have the blood of millions of dead and damned babies on their condemned heads. And Oracle of the Lord: I declare solemnly this decree that comes from God, whosoever stands with either of these two filthy evildoing mass murderers of the unborn, on their heads also is the blood of all these slain and damned infants, and if they do not repent and turn from their decision to stand with these two monsters, they are guaranteed a place in everlasting hell where they will experience first hand the death and dismemberment that those millions of murdered babies went through as they were chopped up in their mother's womb, and this will be their eternal punishment, and this punishment will never end.

And I know that for women who have had an abortion, if they still have a conscience, it is with an eternal guilt that never goes away. For that image of that fetus struggling in that abortion worker's hand never goes away from my mind. And if that is the case for me, I who have never been responsible directly for an abortion, but only indirectly by voting for Bill Clinton before I became a Catholic, then how much worse must it feel for a woman who has directly chosen to terminate her own child in her womb. What mother could bear to see her unborn living child dismembered in her womb? She no longer has a womb. Instead, that is a tomb of damnation. Her guilty conscience can never be washed away, no matter how many divine mercy chaplets she says, or how many times she confesses her sins, with one possible exception. For though the sin may be forgiven, the consequences and the debt to the sin remain forever, because an eternal innocent soul is forever lost from any chance to be saved. Therefore, hear me Oh faithless generation, whosoever is forgiven of direct involvement in a completed abortion, that person will never escape purgatory until the end of time, God has this decreed, but with this possible exception: Divine Mercy Sunday has been instituted in the Catholic Church as a means where it is possible to receive both forgiveness of all sins and forgiveness of the punishment of that debt from all sins. Hence, a person with this guilt can thus have hope to bypass purgatory and go straight to heaven by complying with the requirements to receive this forgiveness on Divine Mercy Sunday. For those who are not Catholic, and have never been baptized, their valid baptism has the same effect as Divine Mercy Sunday.

Do not fool yourselves. The argument that the fetus, because it cannot live on its own, that it is therefore not murder if it is removed and left to die is completely false. Consider a born baby. If such a baby is taken from its mother and placed on the street, it will start crying. And if no one comes to its aid, it will die. United States Law still regards this as murder. But this is no different to doing the same to an unborn fetus. Whosoever stands with Clinton or Obama is a baby murderer and he will be condemned as such at the last judgement. I who speak for God have spoken and given my eye witness testimony to the people. America, choose now. If you choose to continue with your holocaust of abortions, you shall surely die a death as horrible as an abortion is to the baby that is killed. But if you choose to end this holocaust of abortions, God will see your efforts and your repentance, and He will bless this nation with flowing milk and honey. God will come out to meet you as the prodigal son returning to the fold if you, right now, stop all of these sins and turn to sin no more. America, you have two possible paths. Do not make the mistake ancient Israel made and receive the division and collapse of their kingdom and the exile and scattering of their people. God gives you now this choice, as I am now ruler of all kingdoms. Choose the right path and you will reign with me. Choose the wrong path and you will lose everything that America has produced. Now is the time for repentance. Repent, therefore. Turn from your evil ways, and you shall live into the Age of Emerald, the Age where America is glorified and all worship God correctly. I who serve God have spoken. I am Eric, son of Jesus. And I have testified to the Truth that I have received. Now you go and make this Truth your reality. Amen.

Eric R. Dunstan

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