Eric R. Dunstan, Wizard of Software, Jack of All Trades
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Expert C/C++, PHP, etc., Engineer for Embedded Signage Systems and Servers

Creator of any Custom Software Imaginable


I am a Computer Language Polyglot, knowing C/C++, C#, Java, PHP, Objective-C, Javascript, and Linux Bash very well, along with many other languages and technologies. See my thoughts on C# and Java. I build websites on Linux on and embedded software on ARMv7 Raspberry Pi using OpenFrameworks. None of the technologies I use require royalties. I can build any Digital Signage App you can imagine running on an RPI2 board!


Specializing in Digital Signage, I built the complete software stack of Digital Signage for Vodality, LLC. That includes the software running on their Vodality embedded devices, and the software running on their servers to manage them and deliver content to them. I have perfected the "pull" method, where digital signs are given configuration details telling them what server to contact and how, and the servers deliver information telling the signs what to play and where to download it from.

That is how the Digital Signage systems I specialize in making work. Now I have completed new Digital Signage systems that outshine anything offered by Vodality, LLC. My new systems have overlapping zones, transparent backgrounds, floating text, a Video zone that can be placed at any Z Level, and playback synchronization and zone scaling for full featured video/picture walls. My systems run on Raspberry Pi 2 mother boards, costing $35, with total hardware costs < $80 per unit, not counting HDMI 1920x1080 resolution display.

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Eric R. Dunstan, Embedded Systems and Software Engineer
DBA Dunstan Software Creations

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